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Fotocamere professionali, supporti e altri tipi di attrezzature relative: monopiedi, bipiedi e treppiedi

Potete anche acquistare on-line o nel negozio di articoli regalo il nostro libro souvenir ufficiale, ricco di informazioni e foto esclusive.


가장 방문객이 많은 시간 동안, 특히 날씨가 따뜻한 계절에는 티켓을 구입하고 엘리베이터에 탑승하기 위한 대기 시간이 더 길어질 수 있습니다.

Motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs are permitted. The 86th Flooring has ramps to help make having about a lot easier and lowered viewing partitions so that site visitors in chairs can even now consider in the see. The 102nd Floor presently has an increased wall, but we've been Doing work to really make it more obtainable to all our guests.

帝国大厦禁止携带下列物品。 请不要将这些物品带入安全检查区。 被没收的物品不予退回。 请注意,这份列表并未涵盖所有禁止携带的物品,如果您不确定某项物品是否可以携带,请不要将其带入。 任何问题和不确定事项均应咨询值班的保安人员。


The things detailed usually are not permitted during the Empire Condition Building. Never carry any of this stuff into the safety screening location. Items which can be confiscated might not be returned.

暖かい季節の混雑時には、チケット購入とエレベーターの待ち時間が長くなる可能性があります。 チケット売り場をスキップして、その他の行列の先頭に直行できるエクスプレスチケットをオンラインで購入すると、このような待ち時間を短縮できます。

Uniquement si vous participez à la program annuelle. Le reste de l'année, les escaliers sont fermés au public.

Only CityPASS ticket holders can return for any same-day check out without having paying out once more. All other tickets are for a person-time use only. As soon as you exit the Observatory you must obtain A further ticket to re-enter.

Veuillez noter que cette liste n'est pas exhaustive. Si vous avez un doute concernant un objet, veuillez ne pas l'apporter. En cas de additional reading doute ou de query, adressez-vous aux agents de sécurité présents.

I seguenti oggetti non sono permessi all'interno dell'Empire Condition Building. Non portate nessuno di essi nell'space destinata ai controlli all'ingresso.

展望台にレストランや売店はありませんが、ロビー階の中央ホールにお食事施設が豊富に揃っています。また、展望台ツアーの出口付近にはウォルグリーンもあります。 こちらをクリックして、ロビー階のショップやレストランの一覧をご覧ください。

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